Kids these days

When I was a kid we watched TV on a 20” screen that weighed 600 pounds, output 480i (the antithesis of HD TV) and only provided very fuzzy, analog network channels. Howe we wished for a big screen TV. They were the size of a VW bug, 480i and still only provided fuzzy analog. Of course you could overcome analog and watch whatever you wanted once VCRs came out. My friend’s dad bet on Betamax. Some days I look at my collection of HD-DVDs and I know how he must have felt.

Now that I am grown and I have children I wanted to be sure to fulfill all their wishes and dreams. We have big screen TVs. There’s a 1080p 60” plasma in the Home Theater with 7.1 surround sound. It’s hooked to a Blu-ray, X-Box, Wii and an Apple TV. You can watch pretty much anything using iTunes, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon (except for new seasons of Firefly and Stargate Universe – anyone want to pick those up and start again?). Upstairs there’s a 42” LED Smart TV in case we need to watch the news, Netflix, Amazon etc while cooking dinner. The child from my youth cries with jealousy.

With all that visual ecstasy at their finger tips here’s my kids:
Thanks be to Steve Jobs for the 3” screens and Minecraft for the 8bit graphics. I guess we didn’t miss that much as kids after all.

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