Why Cyclists Shave Their Legs. The Most Disgusting Post I Will Ever Make

It’s now a bit more than two weeks since I had an unfortunate incident with a serpent. While the leg is actually healing quite nicely I the joy of bending my knee has become a distant memory and a luxury I look forward to each day.
The antibiotics I am forced to continue leave my body in a semi debilitated state. Each visit to the restroom is a vile reminder of my body’s current inability to properly digest food. At least I’m not allergic to the drug this time.
The last regiment of antibiotics set my skin on fire and made me appreciate the leper’s state. My leg is healing and I think that the only permanent damage will be a pretty nasty scar. I can live with that.
One of the truly odd quirks of cyclists besides constant attempts to trim down to super model anorexic status and the tight shorts is the customary shaving of legs. While some might contend the traditionally feminine
activity helps reduce aerodynamic drag I have read that the true purpose is to aid in repairs and healing in the event of an accident. This is a true fact. I don’t shave my legs (my wife would never let me live that down).
The surgeon told me that he spent most of his time picking hair out of the wound. I’ll let you judge. Be warned these pictures are gross, disturbing and bloody. I think one of the nurses even got a bit squeamish.
As bad as the pictures are my youngest daughter had to sit in the room with us the entire time. She said, “Daddy’s owie was really gross. I like it when they cover it with something so you can’t see it.” She’s 4 so suck it up.

Flesh always loses against asphalt

My leg is straight so it is harder to see, but if I bend it you can see the tendons

Drugs make you happy

Joel stuck around to offer moral support

After they cleaned it up

This isn’t as much fun as it looks

Irrigating the wound – like its a crop or something

After they took the bandage off the first time – 5 days later

After they took the bandage off the first time – 5 days later

After 7 days. Still not pretty, but it is amazing how the human body heals

This is from my iPhone. It was taken 5 days after the accident at the doctor’s office. I have a few more shots below.


Here’s what it looks like today 9/8. They took out one stitch, but it will still be quite a while before they can take out the main ones.

The wound after

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