I Have One Quadrillion Dollars

Zimbabwe was the first country to issue a 100 Trillion dollar bill. I have ten which makes me a Quadrillionaire:

Each bill is about 15 x 7.5 centimeters so 112.5 sq centimeters. That’s 1.12500 × 10 16 square nanometers (NM). The diameter of a gold atom is .288 nanometers so it would take 3.90625 x 10 18 gold atoms to cover the bill. 1 trillion is 1×1012. Each bill is worth 100 trillion dollars – 1×1014 dollars which doesn’t give us enough quite enough dollars to equal the number of atoms required to cover the bill.

If we go strictly based on size and attempt to cover the bill with gold atoms a single atom thick, Zimbabwe is the first country to ever use a standard where each of their dollars is worth 40000 atoms of gold. 1 gram of gold is about 3×1021 atoms.

Now don’t I feel rich.

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