The drought of blog posts lately might reflect life in Cache Valley during the winter. The inversions in the valley trap the pollution so in addition to short days and long nights we have air so nasty you can taste it. Of course the local governments refuse to consider emissions testing. It’s more important that the local teenagers can drive smoke spewing, 20 year old gas hog trucks and SUVs than for use to have breathable air.

I guess it doesn’t matter much. I don’t really go outside. There are some weeks I don’t leave the house. I work at home now. Some days I don’t think I actually need a physical body anymore. If I could turn my brain into logical bits I could just live inside the computer. I interact with everyone over IM, Twitter and the phone so no one would really know the difference.

Kind of sounds like a bad Japanese anime doesn’t it?

I suppose the lack of hands would prevent me from playing board games to for that reason I’ll maintain a physical presence. Once the weather warms up I’ll need my legs to pedal the bike.

I have been on the trainer a few times recently. With the amount of code I have to write it is hard to find the time. In spite of an ugly red scar on my knee I don’t seem to have any problem riding for an hour at a time (other than sheer boredom from being on the trainer). That is a good sign. I look forward to riding up the local canyons again. I’ll try to avoid the various reptilian obstacles that make the road their home.

Sarah Sample has a new album out. I really enjoy her music and highly recommend it. She is very talented and her music tends to be inspired by the places she has lived and the people she has interacted with so some of it is about this area. Of course it is about the inspiring parts of Cache Valley not the dirty winters. I can’t imagine ‘Smoggy Winter’s Eve’, ‘The Air Tastes like Manure’, or ‘Damn Another Red Air Day’ would sell very many albums.

Then again I could be wrong.

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