The Nutcracker

We took Aubrey, Alyssa and Jenna to the Nutcracker Monday night. It is part of our effort to expose our children to culture. Devin doesn’t like ballet and utterly refused to go.

Once we were there I sat next to Aubrey. She had all kinds of questions and comments. Why is there a giant Nutcracker on the curtains? When does the Nutcracker come out? There are a lot of kids. I like the girls in the purple dresses. Why is daddy surfing the net on his phone and eating tic tacs?

Callie asked the girls what their favorite part was. Aubrey said she liked the clowns, Alyssa liked the sugar plum fairy and Jenna liked the dew drop princesses. I like the Arabian princess. During that part I was really enjoying ballet and thinking that I was very cultured.

It was fun. The girls clapped like pros. We’ll probably go again next year.

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