Top Ten Reasons to Use Windows Vista

I have a mac. I love my mac. I run VMWare so that I can use Windows as needed like when I need to test Internet Explorer because apparently a lot of people out there are still using it. Who knew?

At any rate I have a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate edition that I got for attending a Microsoft developer conference. I thought I would give it a go. You should too.

Here are my top ten reasons to use Windows Vista:

  1. Your blood pressure is to low and you are feeling adventurous
  2. You need a divorce so you install it on your wife’s computer
  3. You are the IT support guy at work and you want to get fired
  4. Life has lost all meaning
  5. You really associate with that nerdy guy on the Apple commercials
  6. You have way to much free time and you like to wait around for your computer to do really hard stuff like open your email
  7. You enjoy click on I agree, OK, Yes please allow, Yes please [email protected]#[email protected] allow the stupid program to open, access the internet, save a file, print, …
  8. Hey, its better than having bamboo shoots shoved under your finger nails.
  9. You are a usability engineer and you want to study how not to build the ui for an operating system
  10. You have not yet heard about the Mac.

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