Appreciate the Little Things

I took sort of an actual bath today. I love to shower so it really stinks that I have to find alternate means to clean up. I managed to sit in the bath and shower off a bit this morning without getting my wound wet or bending my knee. It was a pain but better than the alternative of using wash clothes.

Whenever something happens to me I appreciate how much we take for granted. Just being able to walk and bend your knee is not insignificant. Last year I lost hearing in my right ear which was then replaced with a constant ringing. It kept me awake at night and drove me crazy. Luckily it went away. I now better appreciate that my father’s ears rang for years after he had chemotherapy. Last year I messed up my back. Sitting at a desk was akin to torture. After time and some exercise it is stable now and the pain is gone.

I appreciate the little things more now – being able to sit, to walk, to hear.

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