Email Sucks

In a job interview a long time ago I was asked what I hate to do the most.  At the time my response was, “write USB device drivers.” I had to do that at Sorenson Vision and I hated it.  When you write device drivers you can really mess up a system. You screw up a pointer (C code) and the computer will reboot over and over ad infinitum. Then you get to rebuild the machine.  Oops.  The other problem was that you always got blamed when the system didn’t work whether it was your fault or not.

Random employee: “Hey look, the computer’s on fire.”
QA: “We think it was caused by a bad device driver.”

I hated those QA guys.

Today I hate email servers and Microsoft Exchange more than I hate USB drivers. I have been trying to migrate emails from an exchange server at to gmail. I hate Intermedia’s exchange servers. The past two days have been filled with click, wait 30 seconds, click wait, copy paste.

I hope their servers burn in hell.

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