It’s Like Pulling Teeth

Aubrey lost a tooth a couple of weeks ago. It was loose. We were eating dinner. She wanted an apple. I gave it to her. She took one bite and disappeared into the bathroom. We figured – you know, natured called. She didn’t come back. Callie found her crying. The first bite into the apple took the tooth right out.

That is very traumatic for a kid. However, it was of course for the best.

Then Alyssa got a loose tooth. She was a bit more excited about it than Aubrey and would even show it to us. Aubrey wouldn’t hear of showing her second loose tooth to anyway.

Given Alyssa’s excitement I thought she wouldn’t mind having her tooth pulled out. It has been loose for weeks and the new tooth is growing in. Not a chance. I tickled her and held her down until she cried. It didn’t even take a yank. It came right out bled for a couple of minutes and she was fine.

Aubrey knew what I was doing and ran and hid.

For her pulling a tooth was more like preparing for your last meal or like getting ready for heart surgery. She cried a lot. You have to feel bad for her. She thought she would look ‘crazy’ and that it would hurt. I doubt the thought of all that blood helped much either. In the end Callie pulled it right out while I held her.

Pulling teeth isn’t really that hard. They come out pretty easy if it is time for them to come out. Convincing my kids that the teeth need to come out is the hard part. I think it is like that for many of us.

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