Ride Your Bike to Work and Get PAID!!!

Well sort of get paid. Congressman Earl Blumenauer is my new favorite politician. He introduced a bill that would give a tax break to people who ride their bike to work. With gas prices soaring and pollution levels climbing, riding your bike makes sense. I would dare say that the United States’ greatest energy reserve can be found around the waist’s of its citizens.

Sign the petition here to show your support.

I signed it and used the default text but added the following:

I have written before in support of this bill. I live in Cache County. On days after it rains, for a few hours I am reminded of how beautiful the valley is when it is not engrossed in haze. I am not a hardcore environmentalist, but I try to do what I can. My efforts include riding my bike to work. We give tax breaks to those who can find an excuse to purchase a large SUV as a “business” expense. We keep gas prices low to keep citizens happy. (Gas prices in other countries are double and triple what they are in the United States). Cheap energy has been our privilege. I enjoy the benefits of that privilege, but isn’t it time to put efforts into alternative transportation that is not only environmentally friendly, but also healthy.

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