Do the economics really work out on this?

We ran some errand yesterday and went by the local Best Buy. I noticed a rather motley looking group hanging around outside and of course we have to ask the guys in the store what the deal is. I forgot the PS3 comes out this weekend. They are all camped out so they can spend $600 bucks on a game console. The console comes out on fri and the first guy got in line at 7:30 on tues. It is about 30 degrees at night in Cache Valley. Now I can understand if your best buddies kid is in the hospital and needs a pick me up it might be worth the sacrifice. Most of these guys plan to ebay them for about $2300. That’s about $1700 in profit. Not bad, except many of them took the week off work to do it. So assume that you make $10 an hour. You’ll make about $400 in a week which takes the take down to $1300. Still not bad, but you have to freeze your butt off and stink. Plus you have to sit there. Now be creative. Find something else to sell on ebay. I have friends and family that do that. So figure that you can list 5 items in an hour. That should include the packing and shipping when the order comes in. That means you could list about 200 items in a week. There is software that would help you do that as well. Let’s say you make $10 bucks an item. That isn’t to hard to do. That is 2k and you didn’t have to freeze or stand in line.

I guess I am old, but even when I was young I wouldn’t have done this. At any rate here is the article in the local paper. Just pray they don’t end up in the hospital.

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