Launch Pad

The launch is going on right now. Every seat is full, and the unlucky late comers are all standing. I guess everyone is interested in the next big thing. Some interesting companies are coming up. Here is the list with addresses: – let’s learners interact with musicians online when the practice. Users can contribute content. Works with affiliates. – user contributed instruction on about 2000 topics. Users can interact to build modules. boardscape – world of message board. Powers myspace forum search. Klostu is a tool to connect disparate forums. Identity is preserved across boards – you don’t have to sign up again and again. Your friends can locate you at any time.

Sharpcast – bridge content across platforms and devices. Work offline as easily as online. Get file access to your files from any device.

Stikkit – sticky notes that automatically find their way to your address book, bookmarks etc.

Turn – automate online advertising. Bidded cost per action pricing. Advertiser asks for an action and places a bid on that action. They upload graphical or text ad then upload into the turn system. Turn analyzes that along with the site etc. Publisher joins. Turn analyzes publisher’s site. Turn then uses funky algorithm to determine best match and serves ad on page. Process generates feedback which is then used to better match ads.

Sphere – blog search engine. Sphere button in browser toolbar submits content to sphere search engine which then looks in the blogsphere for articles that are similar. Partnered with marketwatch, zdnet, techcrunch – link for sphere links on these sites. Just add one line of javascript to your blog and your users get a link that pops up a dialog showing related blogs and related articles on the current site.

Omnidrive Keep files in one place. Access files from one location. No need to syncronize. Plugs into operating system. They do provide a developer API.

Adify invite publishers to join. Adify let’s you setup the ads that will run on the network. Adify does campaign management, billing, tracking etc. Advertiser can then go to adify and buy ad space. Advertiser gets geo tracking, put in max amounts, etc. [email protected]

3B – 3D Mixture of second life and web browsing. Let’s you chose an avatar and walk around in 3D space. Application scraps pages from the website and shows them on walls inside the space. Adds a chat so you can talk to your friends that happen to be hanging out in the space.

oDesk – helps companies hire, manage, and pay developers from around the world. 18 people in Menlo Park. They tack on a small fee for every hour worked. Buyers can see developer’s reputation. Developers can take certification tests. Buyer can interview and test developers. Takes screen shots of worker’s desktops.

Venyo – gives bloggers a way to build reputation. The “vindex” shows the trust given to the specific blogger. Users can provide feedback on a specific blog. They want to be “The web 2.0 trust provider”

Timebridge – Personal scheduling manager that works across companies, calendars and time zones. Supposed to make it easier for a user to schedule a meeting.

One note about the launch event. People get tired by the end and start to disappear. If you are going to launch you should be in the first 8 or less. The later presentations don’t get as much attention.

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