Kids can keep you up at night

Alyssa and Aubrey have slept really well ever since they were about 6
months old which is good since they are twins and if they had not slept
well they would have kept each other awake and that could have been bad
for us. Jenna on the other hand is now two and still doesn’t
sleep well. We still put a body pillow next to her bed. My
office is right under her room and for the longest time we would be
down there and hear a loud thud. We would take turns running
upstairs and put Jenna back in her bed. She would find her way to
all parts of her room in the middle of the night. We would find
her under her bed and in the corner. Sometimes she would find her
way into the corner – while mostly asleep – then shouldn’t couldn’t
find her way back out. Callie would go in at 3 and get her back
into bed. Two nights ago at 3 am I and Callie hear really loud
talking coming from Jenna’s room. I wake up just in time to hear
Jenna yell, “that’s so silly!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!.” Then she
fell right back asleep or rather went back on pause until
morning. She is something.

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